Dyalogus Creaturarum:


This is the final page - bearing the title - of Johan Snell's printing of my book...

Joh. Snell's colophonium
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Parens(?) liber, dialogus creaturarum appellatus iocundis fabulis plenus Impressus per Johannem Snell Artis impressorie magistrum in Stockholm inceptus et munere dei finitus est.Anno domini M.cccc.lxxxiij.Mensis decembris In vigilia thome.
This book, called the conversation of creation (all that's created), full of jolly stories, was printed by Johann Snell, master of the art of printing, in Stockholm, begun and by the help of God finished in the year 1483, the month of December, on St.Thomas' Eve.

TU, qui in lingua latiné habilis es, in adiuuandum me festina! Totum quod habeo scientia puerilis est: tot errores inveniens, quot per postam electronicam correctiones mitte...


Eight Stories:

About Laurus, the Sea-Eagle
About the Pheasant and the Peacock
About the Owl who wanted to rule over the Birds
About the Countryman and the Bees
About the Lion who built a Priory
About the Donkey-Centaur who built a Palace
About the Monkey who wrote Books
About the Wolf and the Donkey


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